How To Lose Weight In A Week With Exercise?

exercises for fast weight loss in a week

A beautiful figure is the result of proper nutrition and hard training. Fighting overweight in a week is not easy, but quite realistic. Excess energy accumulates first in the hips, waist and then in the chest and arms.

The main rule for weight loss is a lack of calories.

Calorie intake should not exceed energy expenditure. You need to understand that diet alone will not let you lose weight in a week. How To Lose Weight In A Week With Exercise? For a slim figure, heavy artillery is required in a short time. And these are special exercises that involve training all muscle groups, such as the legs, chest, arms and shoulders.

A great way to lose weight is to combine cardio, strength training and diet.

Cardio exercises. How to lose weight in a week?

Long-term workouts in the gym often do not lead to the desired result. Muscle mass increases while fat remains in place. This is precisely due to the lack of cardiac exercise.

Cardio is a weekly weight loss, endurance exercise. They are good for the cardiovascular system and guarantee the relief from these extra pounds.

Choose any type of heart rate depending on your abilities and fitness level.

How to lose weight in a week, the exercises are below:

  • Running, swimming, cycling, skipping rope. At the same time, the body receives an exceptional load.
  • Elliptical trainer simulating walking, going uphill.
  • Aerobics step. Using a video with a ready-made set of exercises, you can practice at home. How to lose weight in a week? Aerobic step exercises will handle this.
  • Walking. To complicate the exercise, you can bend and bend your arms. As a result, you will have a good mood, energy boost and excellent digestion.
  • Handball, racket, badminton, boxing. Such loads are a great source of adrenaline.
  • A simple cardio exercise to lose weight in a week. You have to lift your legs alternately 10 times in a row. Do 2-3 sets.

Every workout should start with a warm-up to warm up the muscle mass. You must complete the lesson by stretching. You should know that the fat burning process starts only 20 minutes after the start of the workout. First, the body warms up and only after 20-25 minutes does the weight loss process begin. Weight loss in a week with exercise can be done using cardio training along with strength training.

Strength exercises. How to lose weight in 2 weeks?

Strength training is essential for high quality and fast weight loss in 1-2 weeks. Let's find out why. Unlike cardio, fat and calories are burned both during and after exercise. At the same time, calorie intake is much higher.

The main advantage of strength training is that it can boost metabolism for a long time. After conscious exercise, the body loses weight even on days when you are not exercising.

How to lose weight in a week? Exercises should be done at a fast pace. You need to do at least 15 reps in one approach to burn calories. Do not hesitate to use strength exercises in your weight loss program, such as lungs, squats, various rows and presses, inclines and so on.

  • Occupations. The legs should be shoulder width apart, the arms behind the head. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You need to get as low as possible. Keep your back straight without leaning forward. Breathe in the squat, exhale when you return to the starting position. This is an exercise for the inner thighs and buttocks.
  • Presses on one foot. Holding your hands on your waist, take a long step with your right foot. Inhale, lower your left knee to the floor. Exhale and return to starting position. Change your foot. The lungs will reduce the volume of the hips, will make them thinner. This exercise can be complicated by taking dumbbells.
  • Elevation of the body. Body position - lying on your back. Legs perpendicular to the floor, you can bend them at the knees. By lifting the body, we give the maximum load to the abdominal muscles. Do 10 lifts in 3 sets. Increase the number of lifts and the speed of execution.
  • Heel contact. Get on your knees. Lower your back from this position. Lift, touching your heels with your hands. This exercise is considered difficult for beginners.
  • Fan Exercise. Lie on the floor, on your back. Arms along the body, legs extending upwards at a right angle to the floor. Move your feet to the floor to the right, return to the top and then to the floor to the left. How to lose weight in 2 weeks? The exercise should be done 100 times with one approach.

Simple tips

We advise you to follow simple rules:

  • With each session, increase your training time, gradually increasing to 45-60 minutes.
  • Add interval training (combination of strength and aerobic activity) to burn more calories. Do not be afraid of intense training, it is good for the heart.
  • Exercise daily throughout the week, increasing intensity and varied exercise.
  • Eat a low calorie diet. Eat foods rich in fiber. It is good at reducing hunger. The diet should be based on vegetables and cereals: buckwheat, zucchini, cucumbers, brown rice, celery, parsley, apples, seaweed, oranges, legumes. That is, the base is vegetable salads and cereals. You can fill it with vegetable oil. Prohibited sour cream and mayonnaise!
  • Drink more water to speed up metabolic processes.
  • Remember the simple rule, it is better to do a short workout than not do it at all.
  • Learn to relax. It has been scientifically proven that stressful situations cause an increase in fat. Under pressure, the body actively uses energy. With frequent stress, the body begins to store fat as a reserve, as an additional source of energy.
  • Fast heart rate and respiration should be present during exercise, but within reasonable limits
  • The number of pounds lost is individual, so it is difficult to predict the exact price.

To be realistic, to get a lean body in a week will need sweat. In any case, do not be discouraged and do not give up, the result will not be long.