On The Dukan Diet. The stages menu.

The base of the pravilata ishrana se stavi Duan Adee hrana Koa CE Nisko nivo in the aglajidae. In the saglasnost with metodologica on this diet need to with a That of the nekolku of the period, but if necessary, They postulate Mauger Yes, the zeme, the Primare systems in obrazi. P. Doukhan, e-mail the author devetnadeseti the books, it is the loser of the parameters of the idealna tezina fat metadate for postignuca of It. Negovata most recent book, "how not to mojam and that the gubat Telesat tejina" dobie Golem recognition of the mega-lueta, which is the premodern tejina. Obajana in 2011, knigata, is Common in the nekolku Provoked, there is a Golem popularnost in the razlichni half, and this godina e-mail a lot of popularna. Nadobe product, and time. Dr. Duan SECO day dobiva CE powee, and the powee fanovi.

Pierre Dukan

A nutritionist predlojeniem to the method of the gobee for terzinato VRZ Osnova protein diet, ogranicava delovi, but not a good breee on the calories. Sustinuta in the metadot CE p of the two-ogromni of a groupie is to be made, Eden of the NIV e-mail, and the Grana that the CE costof of the protein zhivotenko in the oven, and vtoriot Zelenchuk. Spared from Astaroth, the historical gledano, two of these produced and WERE the basis for the kowechka ishrana of the recisi pedeset Milenium. A new type of the hrana and the girl at the nashata of the genetski memoria. With this kombinazia to produce lueta evaluarile. Satoa, digestinit, the systems of ASPIRATION and the ASPIRATION powee prilagodjen these two hrana category. By Duan veruva soundboard Golem, the state donese on covestor the two calories of produce, Sheker and the pc. To togas, some lue is not trochut a good long suit, and slatki, the meso divi zivotni dobien is not sogreat a long match, and slatki Bechet prisutna in the form of a ovase, and the honey. Ahranta of modernit one of the sasitara masnaa and slatka hrana.

In the svoice Komentari To metodologica of ishrana Duan of the pishuva CHILDREN to be in a lot of areas of common ishrana on insistira the satelitarna klucove in-ishrana a itariri and in the production of which sogreat clean. No odrive korisnost of taquile produce it to e-mail WebEden CHILDREN in the pachatata stage gobee to terzinato, where the waiting Golem gobee to terzinato of the waqui produce ingibiruet to processot. In the otpornost a nutritionist Dade definitio of the preazovie, pichova, the "...on the dope, and don't znaei, in mozam, To Kaja deck Wasit extra tejina no se paavi on kolicinama the hranata-BACKS in the ASPIRATION of consumers To the nasian, property, visok, who Must Be age-zadovoljstvo yourself, or oslobodi se od stresu...". The method of the gobee for terzinato Duan Sigourney, and that that can zhalba for those able to which are not is To se naviknuti Negara kulinarsky zadovoljstva.

Golem bro at Morska-protection: gilthead, whiting, halibut, cod, Shelves, take a look at cod, donkey, blue whiting, skusa, probeam, sea catfish, Haring, mullet, ecetra, Sardinia, work, Sitna RIBA, pastrmka, tuna, salmon, crab, meso, and points, of FISH, Of, ITN. Morska hrana: ligi, shear, tabs, octopuses, Rako, whelk, lobster, crayfish, sea urchin, and scallops, cuttlefish, ITN. Golem selection of bird house: Turcia, pelesko, Biserka, youth, elections, quail, no, no, pelesko crdit drob, Gulab ITN. Arata into two types: pelesko, and quail. Mlecni produced by the nula of the match: ogurt, unsweetened ogurt, Urda, and siree, ETC. About the treeset IMIA in Zelenchuk: zucchini, a selca, krasavitsi, patlan, carrots, cwiklo, celer, Tikva, a cpr Pieper, rukweza, cicoria, spana, green salad, green graves, sorrel, asparagus, chromed, chard, United domat ITN., the SOA and the stove. Screen Vidovi of the Zelenchuk, with no ogranicava.


Pred to pocnete you koristite Duan ishrana, it is required To know the vashta optimalna tejina, that, and that the salaga about it. The egg Mauger To the sink napraveno of the prek provider that Lesno se You to Nada on the Internet. You can make THE screen potrebni an option (the momentalne tejina, scanit, obide for gobee to tejina, visine, ITN.) and, with fat, for vasata idealna tezina. Kako shto as you can see, the screen pojedinacno. In addition to the discussion night on the topic, "the Ticker", he is co-singing on the subject to help You go to sledat ishrana, in fazi: secoa stage, singing the theme to the all-presledovat in the saglasnost the frametree, and terzinato in a lot of the woods YOU Bozorova go To the controllerate frametree of the gobee for terzinato. The base of the pravilata ishrana se stavi Duan Adee hrana Koa CE Nisko nivo in the aglajidae.

In the saglasnost with metodologica on this diet need to with a That of the nekolku of the period, but if necessary, They postulate Mauger Yes, the zeme, the Primare systems, obrazy tseliot my stomach. Swoot, the systems of the IOC, the Astaroth conditionally divided into 4 fazi. Secoa the stage in some rules. But the screen fazi, how much, and in zelata's diet, postout nekolku Opsti points:

  • "adate splitting in the kouga Sakata and Sakata!" is not postout hard kolicini in obrazi, and set mealtimes;
  • with the passage of time is handled in a tseliot Duan ishrana SECO day, you need to to zeme powee of 1.5 littry on the TechNet;
  • SECO's day-and that, as a result of eating oatmeal in the trice of gitanes (raznovidnost);
  • SECO day, the ASPIRATION point of the fizicki the vibe, iako environment;
  • secona of Prosecco, and the powee of 20 minuti in tekat prvate phase of the powee of a 30 minuti per vtorata and tratata stage).

The 1st phase of the ishrana Ducane – "violence"

nutritionist Dukan

Gobee to terzinato of the time, the prvate etapa e-mail from 2 up to 6 kg in tikot to a new period of procesot the crsee the masni wild in taloto and the ASPIRATION of the vklucheno in the procesat. At this stage, it can be a bit of a sense of slabost, nepriatnost, and how negativni of znati kako shto with Susie on the property, and mohebi necoa small miris, it is not necessary To the FINAL ASPIRATION of sbuy, tuku, on the contrary, treba da se Dade doverba of the CHILDREN Procesi CE planirane, but Duan ishrana it is not correctament selected, and that provide a negovite terms and conditions. Framereate of the new period of time depends on the satoa, Maura da bidat election, pojedinacno. VERB Ki-Zema predvid posticcia tegina and sukanta body tejina in the case of the right ishrana. Prismatica e-mail a lot of jednostavna:

  • a 3-5 Day when visoko corporal Tiina 10-20 kg.
  • in the visoko Tiina 20-30 kg, the new period of e-mail 5-7 Day;
  • visoko corporal Tiina powee of 30 kg treeto the new period, the singing of the theme to sink 5-10 days.

But, as a rule, prvate phase, Trae powee of 10 of anything and everything. At the pachatata stage gobee to terzinato methods in the ahranta isledovat iskljucivo belkovyi. With the passage of time, pasata to the "violence" dietitian preporacuvam of protein, the meso Mesicine or pelesko, but are not sekogash to odstranovat of the kogata), teleski a cpr get posna SCHUNK, broad-spektar of the Morska protection Waren win in the kakwa form: Waren, varani, liver and Morski plodovi. It is not ZebraNet of Duan ishrana, consumerout I, mlecni products Nisko nivo the the manatee, by Adie used to be razlichni sachini, sachini, IET, onions, and clomid. Satelitarna sostoa tehnikate and Samia, e secona using CACO hrana used in mesoto of Eden, and Paul, laici in the trice of oats. Mauger Yes se corestat in gotway and Salt, but in Small kolicini. For the tseliot time ishrana request To CE CE-categorical iskluchit these produce, the Sheker, and nesanice derivati (at Crain slouch, koristite you replace it).

the meat and vegetables

Trying to get time on the stage of the "Violence" Duan ishrana

Podoc: natural, coffee or green CA, Mauger Can you replace the Sheker, the hard-vareni As well Turcia, will gradite.

Handles: liver salmon with a SAUCE of one cent, Obratite a siree, Troshkov, and Semia.

Dinner: braised pileski Kopani with the bilki, ogurt.

Phase 2 of the ishrana Ducane – "srctree"

The prviot time, the framereate of this phase is selected, pojedinacno. Framereate of the ahranta it for the pinata at the Wasit metabolic rate, and the BRT, and that the postigne of Sabaneta tejina. Ishrana in the vtorata stage sprovedena food recisi sadrzi twice ishrana: Edna proteins, drugiot Zelenchuk. In tikot stage of the document, the balancer pomeo, that the e formirana in the zavisnost od broot of polovni kilogrami visoko tezina:

  • if you esposte a terzinato e pomala ml of 10 kg – the egg Must to the sink promen of the "protein-protein" and "Zelenchuk" of the day (not allowed in any way in the three-day Pat day);
  • dokolku planirate let izgubite Tiina pogolema ml 10 kg – Razgulyai "protein-protein" and "Zelenchuk" take to the sink in the Sims 5/5 Then.

In tikot to a new period of time, Duan ishrana not be required To adete 2 lazizi oats at the trice SECO day. The banks of It, in the vtorata stage in the e-mail is allowed To the ADAT of the razlichni Zelenchuk (not starchy – Gradac, and the razlichni vidove of the grave, avocado, compere, Lee). Granted Zelenchuk, and that the ade drop To gotvi here in PECs. Is strictly Sabaneta used to get ores and other Doe – tie sogreat Golem the amount of cleansing.

make it

Fittings menny phase "Srctree" ishrana

Podoc: palachinke a trice, with ogurt, bilen CA, or in organska of coffee.

Handles: palneta piperka, with the meso-and Zelenchuk (not Deer!), siree Obratite.

PM: from the Zelenchuk better seacat, the liver with trici.

Do you zabraniti in the vtorata stage ishrana Ducane, and that prosiri to hrana used to razlichni zuchini and zuchini, Topla a cpr Pieper, onion, adzhika, mlecni products vkluchay with milk) and is allowed to kristee for ketchup, and the cleaning of the 1st of lazica), white, or crveno vino (3 laici), a cream, or take cocoa (1 Catena larocca). However, They need to to zabelii CHILDREN giornata-sheet is not allowed, and that the age of powee of productivity a day to two.

The 3-RD phase of the ishrana Ducane – "pikachuuu"

At this stage, ishrana Ducane e fiksna. At the time That, resultatet postignut the namalowane visoko kilogrami in tikot to prethodna fazi, e fiksna. Your goal is for the framereate at this stage, depending on the od of the brood povleceni tejina. Kristee on the Sims on the preslatka: SECO deset days of the of denot at this stage, it is necessary that the secoa sugubina for a while on this diet, lb. Kako shto e caused by Pohorje, Napoule systems, Ducane priznata of the country, a specialist in dietetics in relation Meca. The egg is strongly encouraged to gleda, in the Trecate stage in the BACK "pikachuuu" Mauger To the sink sosema the razlicni: That e-mail is allowed To go koristite screen to produce the guidance in a prvate stage, Zelenchuk, kako shto e operano in vtorata the stage, and the second edno brocade owase (even if you are Grose, creche and banani), Loeb (not the powee of the 2 parcia), shiree (40 gram), and the starchy hrana (grishok, graves, Oris, compare, Penka, pasta – 1 Sekai 3 Dan). In tikot to a new time period went on, a day, a grain of oats trice, but zgolemuvanje the nivniot bro to 2.5 laici. In the "zadrzava" period of time is not allowed, and they give the t's.r n a l. "a feast for the dushata", it is possible that the adt screen in the as of go, Sakata, and Wasit stomak, but powee chesto, the two men nedelno in this phase 1, the annual membership fee.

Trying to get time on the stage of the "konsolidacija" for Duan ishrana

Podoc: the liver of meso stack, Zelenchuk a, with 2.5 laici at the trice, organska of coffee.

Handles: the oven gratin, sea lettuce, grapfruit.

PM: diviot in the ore, Zelenchuk Dorado in the liver, in folio, a green CA.

The 4-stage ishrana Ducane – stabilizatio


In tikot at this stage, vye Must strictly, and that the pridrzavate of the two rules:

  • day, a dose equivalent to 3 lazizi oat of the trici;
  • DRIVERS "day of the net proteins" namaku 1 time nedelno.

Other sieve rules, ishrana, for the time, of peridot on a "stabilizatsiya" if you allow it, or esclusi kristee on razlichni vidove of the hrana.

Fittings menny phase, "stabilizatsiya" in the Duan ishrana

Podoc: liver disease, Turcia, will gradate with a Zelenchuk, Bosna gym, coffee shops.

PM: FISH, Obratite, zelenakova Gradina, sea and service.

PM: siree, ogurt, win owase, bilen CA, oatmeal, and trizi.

For soglasovat of the metodice of this diet, the singing of the theme to be a Must that you pridrzavate to nekolku of the period, but if necessary, They postulate Mauger Yes, the zeme, the Primare systems, obrazy tseliot my stomach. The Duan ishrana e-mail a variety of lesen-to-caristie and a Foreword from the country to the teleto. Isto Taka, se drui about ishrana, Mauger Yes se ocekuva don't have a lot of gobee to terzinato, but it isto Taka, and cistae Organismo and mamalove for stupcat not to block the metaboliki Narusova. To be a zabelia high on the efikasnost ishrana, with the right of the device of this diet, nedelno gobee to terzinato body Mauger To dostigne from 3 to 5 kg. However, the results of the That an herself it can where is Zeleni, and the Asni the sieve rules of the tehnikate in the screen of the cetiri fazi. You have in mind, Duan ishrana CHILDREN, as much as SITA gobee to terzinato systems in some of their prednosti, and nedostajati.

Prednosti in the Duan ishrana:

  • VRZ Osnova at ishrana CE prirodni produce, BUT They e comfortable, and that avice ishrana comfortable;
  • the efikasnost ishrana, dope, and from where atfree ground of taloto in any other diety;
  • on the positive emocionalna component: ishrana potrefene with odlicna motivacia – dopolnitelno Tiina pocnuva To ischezni from the prvite denovi, and a lot of the brsa;
  • the Duan ishrana – it is not aggressive, and Lesna ishrana, They e-mail a lot of time on the abitalia to taste them;
  • dodeca diet, it is not limited to the Vesuvio hrana, much to the temporary base (tamu e-mail you soon sekogash allowed), and quantitative indicators;
  • Lesno ishrana YOU Bozorova the man to watch out for nesanice rules nasekade: at work, at home, and odmor.
  • Negotatiate the Duan ishrana:
  • in tikot to pravilata ishrana in the ahranta Ducane in taloto, e formiruet the katanski's body. Cetinski-body ASPIRATION, namely, zelbata To the ADAT in, it's ok, but in return, the company mogat To predizvicite a high mortality rate in prvite denovi of ishrana;
  • equipment ishrana it is not isbalanced – As in the tecot the negovoto sprovedena Mauger To sink a deficiency does not block the vitamin and minerals that it is neophodno To se You se obezbedi and privatt these the element is in the form of a vitamin-Mineralni complexi;
  • as in the ahranta of Duan ishrana it is not zabelezite a deficiency suit by a specialist-a nutritionist preporacuvam Adee little kolicina on rastitelno manatee.
  • isto Taka negotatiate a ishrana vkluchaut factor in the soundboard of the saglasnosti it is necessary to postoyna, and that hoti, but it is not That sekogas e Sooden, for those able, who are not to particular on the obiteli in this environment.