What is the keto diet and why it is sticking to the celebrity.

by comparison, how does the waist with a regular diet, keto

A recent study conducted by one of the American universities, has shown that the keto diet helps you to be a part of the excess weight quickly than to exercising. As for the weight loss of the weight without intense physical training is the dream of many people, we decided to see what the keto diet and how effective it is.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the principles of the keto diet and understand that, if it suits you. In addition, remember that before you start any diet you should consult your doctor.

The core of the diet

Normally, our body gets energy from the carbohydrates, converting them into blood sugar into the blood stream. However, in the event of a shortage of carbohydrates, it begins to consume the body fat, extracting from them the necessary energy. Keto diet has been used by athletes engaged in disciplines that require a the particular endurance, such as marathon runners or triathletes.

According to the research the keto diet, suppresses the hormone ghrelin, which us, and this makes you feel hungry.

On top of this, the body starts to have used as a source of energy from glucose (the product of carbohydrate digestion), and ketones (a product of fat metabolism). After 3-4 days from the day of complete rejection of carbohydrates in your body goes in to ketosis.

Thanks to this diet, a person lose weight loss of body fat. It is, as opposed to most of the well-known diets, the muscle mass in people with this eating principle remains the same.

The protein, fat, carbohydrates

the protein, fat, carbohydrates

The reduction of the amount of carbs on a keto diet, the substitution of fat and protein. Unlike the other power systems on the basis of a strict limitation of carbs, keto diet you can't afford to lose their weight without feeling hungry. The main thing is not to be sure to control the total caloric intake is within normal limits, and monitoring for a proper keto diet ratio of fat and protein in the menu bar to always be in a state of ketosis. And what is the right balance of fat and protein for the keto diet?

So, the main "food item" of the keto diet — fat-which make up 75% of the diet. Together with the proteins — 20 %. Finally, the carbs, the value of which is 5% of the total mass of the products.

The main requirement of this diet — the complete elimination of sugar from the menu bar. In addition, under a total ban, and any flour products.

  • How to calculate the amount of protein, fat, and carbs? It's very simple: 1 kg of your weight you need to have 1 g of protein. For example, if your weight is 90 kilograms, you would need 90 grams of protein. Body fat, properly, you need to be 3.75 times as much that is, about 340 g, and the carbs 4 times less — about 23.

What you can and can't eat

a fruit-not a vegetable-it can be

As I've said, this diet is almost totally eliminate carbohydrates as the basis of a diet foods high in fat and those that contain protein.

    Allowed foods are:
  • Oil and butter (the experts on keto diets especially recommend the coconut)
  • Nuts
  • The eggs
  • All meat, including pig meat; poultry meat; eggs; sea food, including fish,
  • Mushrooms
  • Green leafy vegetables are rich in fiber, to promote digestion; tomatoes, in small amounts
  • In addition to milk products, except milk.
    Expected products:
  • Any flour-based products
  • Processed meat products (sausage, sausages), because of the sugar content in them
  • Vegetables with a high content of sugar and carbohydrates such as corn and potatoes
  • The fruit and the dried fruit and only a few of the berries)
  • Any alcohol that contains sugar-and cereal-based

The recipes of cooking a lot, and we eat on this diet can be delicious and is quite a bit different, so if you can safely carry it in the absence of the food, the forbidden food, eating will not let you get bored.

Characteristics of the diet

salt, bacon

The main advantage of the ketogenic diet — a fast weight loss is the result of a "breakdown" of body fat with no sacrificing muscle tissue. The body uses its own fat stores as the primary source of energy, and burns them, to keep up energy levels. You don't have to go hungry — this diet allows you to eat the allowed foods, and to completely give up fried foods is also necessary. What are the basic principles of the diet?

  1. Keto diets don't include the principles of food combining — meat can be eaten with any legal product, no matter whether it is a mushroom or an egg.
  2. Unlike most diets, this diet does not require the rejection of the salt, which, in addition to make the food taste, you will help restore the balance of electrolytes.
  3. The diet is not good for the long-term use, it is not possible to make it a way of life, because of the imbalance.
  4. Despite the lack of recommendations, calorie foods, it doesn't need to acquire 5000 calories a day — and in this case, the diet will not bring the desired effect.
green vegetables, meat with vegetables

The diet is not to be limited to mealtimes standard 18:00 — is possible at any time, but, of course, within reasonable limits.

The main difficulty of the diet is the rejection of the carbs. So, if you are not able to imagine a life without potatoes, noodles, or vegetables it is unlikely to be fit.

In the course of a diet, the the mouth, it may receive the smell of acetone — a temporary side-effect from the formation of ketones in the body. Therefore, it is very important to keep drinking regime and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Even though the keto diet safe for healthy people, ketosis requires a little bit of time to get used to it.

At first you may experience some side effects also referred to as the "keto flu", which is taking place in a couple of days ago. At first you may feel some fatigue, confusion, headache, and gastrointestinal problems.

In order to minimize the side effects the first couple of weeks, I stick to foods with a low-carb diet is to teach your body to burn more fat before you remove the carbs.

Add the salt and mineral supplements (1,000 mg of potassium and 300 mg of magnesium can reduce your risk of side effects.

Celebrities are sticking to a keto diet


The popularity of the keto diet there is in the field of the hand of a celebrity. It is through this system of saving is an actress and model, fine. They have adhered to the principles of the diet, with no carbs, and now it can be proud of having such a luxury image.

If you would like to try the keto diet?